February is a great time of year to give your vehicle some added attention. Maintaining your vehicle is very important, as it will keep you safe on the road, protect your investment and can extend the life of your car. It takes just a little bit of time to maintain your vehicle and you and your vehicle will reap the rewards in the long term. If you’re looking for some fantastic ways to return the favor, try this list of sweet things you can do for your car this Valentine’s Day.

1. Keep the Outside of Your Car Clean

Not only does cleaning your car make it look shiny and new, during our winter months it will remove any mag chloride and road salt that can damage your vehicle’s paint and also cause excessive corrosion and rust on the metal components of your vehicle.  It will also increase visibility out of your windshield and windows by cleaning off leftover road spray.

If possible, try to wash your car every time you fill up or at least once a month.  We recommend planning your washes around good stretches of weather during the winter months, and since it isn’t a good idea to wash your car in freezing temperatures, doing it during midday sunshine is key. And washing as soon as weather permits after a snowstorm can remove the build-up of road salt and mag chloride. Definitely always choose the underbody cycle option at the car wash. It helps remove the chemicals that are attacking your undercarriage. This will keep your car in good condition and your local automotive technician will thank you. Not to mention how much it could save you in labor costs, which can escalate due to rust caused by these chemicals. Many car washes offer monthly membership packages that could save you money in the long-run, and if you aren’t sure where, we prefer TOUCHLESS car washes. If it is in your budget, consider a full-service detail where they vacuum the interiors and wipe down the exterior, interiors, and glass.  If you choose to do it yourself, here are some tips for washing your car at home – https://www.pellmansauto.com/5-steps-perfect-car-wash-wax/ 

 2. Care for Your Car’s Interior

Covid-19 has had us changing our routines and many people are eating inside restaurants less and transporting and eating food in our cars more. Be conscious of leaving that leftover salad container or drink cups in your car, as this could invite unwanted guests and lead to spills and smells. Try to make it a habit to remove any trash in your vehicle every time you get out of your car so it doesn’t pile up. It is a lot easier taking out your trash after each ride than cleaning it out once a month. Top it off with vacuuming the inside of your car and wiping off surfaces at least once a month to keep the interior spotless.

3. Why You Should Upgrade Your Car’s Floor Mats

With our Colorado lifestyle and snow, upgrading your floor mats to weatherproof ones designed to trap water, road salt, mud and sand is a great investment. They keep your car cleaner, protect your vehicle’s floor and minimize what you track into your house. You’ll love having a new place to put your feet, and your car will feel like it’s getting a makeover. Our favorite floor mats are from WeatherTech (https://www.weathertech.com/) They fit perfectly and are made in the USA!

4. Check Your Oil Level and Change Your Oil On Time

Oil is the blood of your car, and without oil, your car would not survive. Make sure you take note of when you need to schedule your next oil change and pay attention to any reminder emails or postcards you might receive.  Oil changes are very important to keep your vehicle in good condition. And, if you see a leak under your car, we suggest you go to your local automotive repair shop to ensure you don’t have a serious leak developing.

5. Check Your Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is critical to your car’s health. Low tire pressure can be dangerous and costly, as it can negatively impact braking, steering, and handling. Low pressure can also wear tire treads down more quickly and make your car less fuel-efficient. We recommend checking your tire pressure monthly. If you are not sure how to do this, check out our handy article that will walk you through it https://www.pellmansauto.com/check-tire-pressure/ or stop by the shop anytime. We’re happy to check your tire pressure for you at no charge.

6. Lights

In order to stay safe at night and to see and be seen, it is important to make sure all your car lights are functioning properly. This is even more important in the winter when nights are longer and weather conditions can limit visibility already. It’s hard to check your car lights because your car lights are normally only on when you’re inside the vehicle. Every once in a while, turn your car and your lights on, get out of the car and take a walk around, or enlist a friend to help you. Make sure to check the headlights, taillights, reverse lights, turn signals, and brake lights. Also, make sure to check your headlight lenses in the daytime. Because headlights now are primarily acrylic, over time they will oxidize and yellow, cutting down your night-time visibility. This condition can easily be remedied at your local auto repair facility and it does not require replacing the light assemblies with new ones.  Always stay safe!

 7. Easy Does It!

Are you or someone you know all gas and all brake? Unfortunately, this driving style can have a direct impact on your wallet and your car’s longevity. If you are racing from light to light only to sit longer at every red one, or perhaps trying to gain that one extra second by being in front of that next car, we suggest taking it easy and enjoying your private time in your clean and beautiful ride. Consider it me time!