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Parking, Performance, Radar and Speedtrap Detection


Best Parking
iPhone, Android, Blackberry and your home computer
This is a handy website/phone app to have if you are heading to a busy metropolitan area and want to figure out where to park. Enter your intended destination and you’ll receive a map and/or list of parking options and prices. The site currently covers most major US cities and airports and is continually expanding.
Honk! (No more parking tickets)
Honk is a combination app that includes a parking meter alarm and a find your car feature. If you are prone to parking tickets the $.99 cost of the app is definitely worth it.
Pocket Parking Meter
Android, iPhone
This Android app also sets an alarm clock to alert you when your meter is about to expire and uses GPS tracking to help you find your car.
An even simpler idea to avoid parking tickets: Almost all cell phones come with a clock/timer feature. When you put money in the meter set your timer. Voila, no more tickets (or at least you’ll know if your time has expired.)

Performance Enthusiasts

If you’re into knowing how fast your car can accelerate from 0 to 60 or how much horsepower you reached Dynolicious is for you. This is definitely an app for the car hobbyist and takes time to set up. Check out this full review from The New York Times for more information. For Android performance enthusiast users try Dynomaster, for $4.99.

Radar Detection/Photo-Radar/Speedtraps

iPhone, Android, Blackberry
Would you like to know where all the stoplights with photo-radar are located? Or where police are setting up the latest speed traps? Trapster relies on its 14.5 million users to keep drivers up-to-date. It’s the new wave of radar detection.

Commuting, Gas Prices, Track Mileage/Maintenance/Repair


iPhone, Android, Blackberry
At a dead stop in traffic? Try Waze, a social-media based traffic-tracking/GPS app that alerts you to conditions on the road ahead, approximates drive times and suggests alternative routes. Users can also report their experiences along the road. (For safety, Waze typing functions will not work when your car is in motion.)


iPhone, Android, Blackberry
Search by city, state or zip code or enable the GPS locator on your phone and Gas Buddy automatically selects gas stations and compares prices for regular, midgrade, premium and diesel fuel nearest you. The app also tells you when the prices were last reported so you know how up-to-date the quotes are.


Car Care
Track gas mileage, car maintenance and more for multiple cars from your iPhone You can also set reminders for oil changes, tire pressure checks and even when to wax your car.
Car Minder Plus
iPhone, iTouch, iPad (need IOS 4.0 or higher)
This premium car info tracker has beautiful charts and graphs, and like Car Care allows you to chart multiple vehicles and email reports.
My Cars
Similar to Car Minder Plus and Care Care for iPhone only it’s free. Chart your mileage, while tracking and controlling all your car expenses.
One of the best free basic fuel economy/mileage tracker apps available.
Carango and Carango Pro
Basic version – free, Pro version – $1.45
Another well-regarded app to track mileage, fuel consumption, car repair history, set reminders, etc. The pro version allows you to import and export data (as a csv file,) that is handy for people who track mileage and expenses for business.

Great Apps For Cars

There are many useful apps for cars. You can find the least expensive gas, keep all yourcar maintenance records, monitor fuel economy, remember where you parked your car,watch your engine performance, find places to park, and keep track of the time left on your parking meter all from your phone.

Here are some of the most highly rated car phone apps, some exclusive to iPhone and some to Android. You can download them from the links we provide or by searching for them in your favorite App store.

Our Favorite Apps:

Note: Free apps generally have advertising associated with them. Apps you pay for have less (or no) advertising and tend to have better import/export features.

Pellman’s Automotive Oil Change Punch Card App

great apps for cars, boulder coDid you know we offer a buy 4-get-1-free oil change reward program? Even better, if you’re one of those people who struggle to keep track of all your loyalty paper punch cards you’ll love our new green alternative, Punchd that keeps tracks of your punches on your phone.
Punchd is easy to use. Simply download the app (iPhone, Android) to your smartphone. When you come in for an oil change open up the app and we’ll scan your punch. The app will keep track of your “punches” and after you have 4, we will redeem your fifth oil change for free.
If you need help, we can show you how to download Punchd when you come into the shop. One easy way is to use a scanning app that reads our QR (quick response) code. If you don’t have a scanning app we recommend Red Laser. This enormously popular bar code scanning application is available for iPhones and Androids. It lets you scan bar codes and QR codes, get comparable prices at nearby stores, find books in libraries, check food labels for nutrition and food allergy information, just to name a few of its many uses.

QR Code 101

Have you noticed those square boxes with the black and white geometric lines in them popping up all over the place? (You can see ours in the photo above.) They are called QR or quick response codes and are a type of bar code that is becoming more and more popular because of their fast readability.
QR codes serve a multitude of purposes. If you’ve seen someone board a plane by holding up their phone it’s because a QR code serves as their boarding pass. QR codes are being used by businesses to give information, offer discount coupons, and in our case, make it convenient to download a new app.
If you have a smart phone you can try it out right now. Open a scanning app (like Red Laser), scan our code from your computer screen and you’ll be taken to GetPunchd where you can download the software for our oil change punch card.