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Brake Fluid Flush – Recommended every 30,000 to 50,000 miles as needed
Service Includes: Remove and flush old brake fluid; Inspect lines, brake hoses and fittings; Install new fluid. Inspect entire brake system for leaks, master cylinder corrosion, worn pneumatic parts, harmful varnish build-up, broken or rusted bleeder valves, worn rotors and drums and air in the brake lines. The result is a longer lasting, more efficient and safer braking system.
Why: Brake fluid becomes oxidized and contaminated over time and use. Heat and moisture cause corrosion on parts and brake fluid failure. This causes a spongy brake pedal and shows up in discolored brake fluid. Regular servicing can reduce premature brake component failure and problems with the anti-lock brake system.

Harmful deposits and varnish build-up—resulting from worn-out, oxidized brake fluid—are apparent on this brake master cylinder piston assembly.