Tire Repair in Boulder, CO

Importance of Tire Repairs

A tire puncture doesn’t necessarily require a new replacement tire. Often, if a screw or a nail punctures and deflates your tire, a proper tire repair will keep your tire in operating condition.

Tire Repairs at Pellman’s Automotive Service

Our technicians will perform an in-depth inspection by removing the tire and inspecting the inner part of the tire for any damage. If we determine that there is no inner damage,  the puncture is within the tread area, and the puncture is not greater than  ¼”, it can be repaired. A plug is used to close the puncture area, followed by the application of a patch to seal in the plug. If your tire is irreparable, we are a full-service tire shop and can provide new tire replacement which includes a road hazard warranty.
At Pellman’s Automotive Service, we are equipped with the tools, equipment and knowledge to help keep your tires in proper working order. We also perform tire inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments, installations, and new tire sales.
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