Alternative Fuel Vehicle Repair/Hybrid Service and Repair
At Pellman’s Automotive Service in Boulder, CO, we’re passionate about the new automotive technologies that become available in our industry with every passing year.  These technologies help improve everything from efficiency and performance to ecological impact. We embrace these advancements as they go hand and hand with our commitment to the environment.

The Evolution of Hybrid Vehicles

Automobile technology has been evolving at a very fast pace. And along with it, is the evolution of vehicles that use alternative fuel. Many benefits are experienced, including improved fuel economy, ultra low emissions, and less dependency on fossil fuels.
Hybrid vehicles are perhaps the most well known alternative fuel vehicles, but did you know there are many other types of vehicles that harness other forms of alternative fuel? For example, diesel vehicles – often associated as loud and smelly – are now very environmentally friendly with the introduction of clean diesel engines. There are a number of flex-fuel vehicles, which combine gasoline, ethanol and methanol fuel. More recently, the electric vehicle is quickly becoming an attractive alternative fuel vehicle and hydrogen and fuel cell powered vehicles are in the near future. Whatever the type of vehicle you own, Pellman’s Automotive Service is ready to embrace and repair vehicles with these new technologies so that we can provide you with the best quality auto repairs.

At the Fore-front of Technology for Vehicle Repairs

We strive to be the go-to repair shop for any type of vehicle. Our technicians have the training and tools necessary to work on a variety of “Green” vehicles.
Eco-Friendly Vehicles We Work On:

  • Hybrid Electric vehicles
  • Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicles
  • Battery Electric vehicles
  • Flexible-fuel vehicles (Flex-fuel)
  • Clean diesels
  • Hybrid Start-stop Vehicles

Hybrid Service and Repair

Not surprisingly, Boulder is one of the top counties in the country for Hybrid vehicle ownership.  Because of the dominant use of hybrids in our area, Pellman’s has undertaken extensive training for many years now making us an excellent alternative to the dealership. Our technicians will continue to seek out and attend training so they can stay at the forefront of these ever-changing systems and capabilities.
We’re fully qualified to perform all required maintenance and repair on Toyota Priuses, Highlanders, and all other hybrid cars, whether they are still under warranty or not.

Hybrid Repairs