Pellman's AutomotiveWe are passionate about caring for our environment and feel a responsibility to minimize the impact the automotive repair and maintenance business can have on the Boulder County environment.  It’s so important to us, that we have included environmental responsibility as part of our mission statement since we opened.
To ensure the work we do at Pellman’s Auto Repair has a minimal effect on our surrounding air, water, and soil, we take the following steps in the course of our daily work:

Energy Use Reduction

  • Solar power – We meet over 100% of our electricity needs through the 194 Panel, 48.5 kW Solar Array we installed in 2012.
  • Monitor our energy use and solar production – We have the capability to monitor our energy use and solar production in real-time through a meter called an E-Gauge. (A local Boulder company)  This information helps us determine ways to lower our overall energy consumption.

Want to see how we are doing?  Take a look here

  • Retrofitting Lighting Fixtures – We reduced our electricity use by 30% in 2011 by retrofitting all of our lighting fixtures to more energy efficient light bulbs and fixtures.
  • Insulated Garage Doors – When it was time to replace some of our garage doors, we decided to upgrade the whole shop to insulated doors.  While it cost more up front, the energy savings and increase in comfort level in the shop will be worth it in the long run.

Smart Purchasing

  • Buy in Bulk We purchase in bulk wherever feasible to minimize packaging
  • Recycled Office Paper – We pre-cycle by purchasing recycled office paper (with 100% recycled paper)
  • Efficient Carpet Replacement  When it was time for new carpeting in our office, we installed carpet tiles.  Now when we get a stain that can’t be cleaned, we can just pull out the soiled piece and replace it.  Because of this, or new carpeting should last many more years than what we had before.



  • Commingled Recycling – A local recycling company picks up our paper, paperboard, cardboard, aluminum, steel and glass weekly.
  • Metal Recycling – Larger steel pieces, aluminum and other metals are collected, and recycled. Heavy metals are also reclaimed out of catalytic converters and radiators.
  • Waste Oil Disposal and Recycling  Our waste oil is picked up by an approved recycling company that diverts materials from disposal by turning waste products into raw materials. This also keeps these toxic materials from contaminating the water system. We also crush our oil filters, to recover as much oil as possible for recycling.
  • Tire Recycling – Discarded tires are picked up by a company that shreds them and then uses the product for mulch. Not one used tire from our shop goes into a landfill. A State tax is charged on each tire that we sell. This fee is used by local governments to encourage the purchase of materials made from reprocessed tires.
  • Antifreeze Recycling – Antifreeze is picked up by an outside company that cleans and re-processes it into recycled coolant. Recycling coolant keeps harmful antifreeze components from entering the environment. It also reduces the burden on natural resources, eliminating the need to manufacture glycol from petroleum and natural gas.

Reuse/Reprocess Automotive Parts and Supplies

  • Air Conditioning Repairs & Maintenance – When AC repairs are done, we recover refrigerant from each vehicle, clean it and then return it to the car after the repair is made. All of our technicians are trained and certified for AC repair.
  • Auto Parts – Many of our “hard” parts, such as engines, starters, alternators, clutches and transmissions, can be sent back to the manufacturer or to a specialist to be rebuilt or remanufactured. For instance old car batteries are returned to the supplier to be melted down and remanufactured into brand new batteries.


In 2014 we started a composting program.  We now compost all paper towels used in our public restrooms and food scraps in our employee lounge.

Aerosol Reduction

We reduce the use of aerosols through the use of refillable spray bottles where possible.

Cleaning Techniques

  • When parts need to be cleaned, we use a special parts washer that uses heat and water instead of chemicals.
  • We use low-impact, environmentally friendly, non-chlorinated cleaners and solvents in the shop.
  • Cloth Rags – We use cloth towels and rags instead of paper in the shop. (All rags are sent out for a special cleaning process that disposes of all oil residue properly.)
  • We use a 100% contained floor cleaner to clean the shop floors. Very little waste water escapes this contained cleaner.
  • The little floor waste water that does not end up in our floor cleaner goes into a sand trap where the solids are separated, then hauled off by an approved waste disposal company.


We Offset our Carbon Footprint

We offset the carbon footprint of our two shuttle vans through TerraPass Inc.

Parts and Services that Make Your Car more Eco-Friendly

  • Re-Refined Motor Oil  We offer re-refined motor oil to our customer’s who request it.  Check out our Green Oil Change
  • Lead Free Wheel Weights  Our lead free wheel weights are a great environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional clip on style lead weights.
  • “Green” Parts  We thoroughly research any specialty “green” products to determine if they actually deliver the savings that they promise before recommending them to our customers. In our experience, some of these products and services can damage your vehicle.  Feel free to call us for our expert advice on this topic.

Environmentally Friendly Partners

  • Parts & Suppliers – When the quality is the same, we choose to work with environmentally friendly parts suppliers. For instance, we have chosen to purchase batteries manufactured by East Penn. Through their closed loop system they recycle virtually 100% of every lead battery returned.  Their company is great for the environment and they make a very high quality battery.
  • Green Organizations – We partner with EnergySmart, Green Girl, The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment through the Environmental Leadership Program, PACE and other local organizations that are helping to encourage and provide support to environmentally engaged businesses.  You can click here to read about some of the recognition we have received for our environmental efforts.

Hybrid and New Technology Training

Cars are changing rapidly to meet the new emissions  standards.  We are committed to keeping our technicians up to date on these new technologies with ongoing training and updated tools.

Spreading the Word

  • “Go Green With Your Car” Articles – We have published a number of articles on steps you can take to operate and maintain your vehicle in a more environmentally friendly manner.  Click here to read these articles.
  • Consumer Education – We take an active role in customer education about recycling and environmental responsibility as it pertains to the use and care of your automobile. This includes holding information sessions at our shop and also attending green trade shows.
  • Employee Education – Good intentions are one thing but it takes consistent implementation to really make a difference.  For this reason, we invite Eco-cycle and Green Girl to our shop meetings periodically to help train us so we are recycling everything we can. and to keep updated on changes in their guidelines.

What you can do to make an impact

Making a positive environmental impact on the Boulder community is a simple as casting a vote with your wallet. Here at Pellman’s, we’ve done the majority of the heavy lifting for you by turning our 9420 sq. ft. facility into a proverbial “green machine”, which continually works to make our automotive repair efforts nature friendly. To  make your positive impact on the environment, simply stop by our shop or request an appointment online. We’ll take care of the rest.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Environment Management System (EMS) is a tool for managing the impacts of an organization’s activities on the environment. It provides a structured approach to planning and implementing environment protection measures. Pellman’s Automotive Service, Inc. is an automotive repair and maintenance facility located in Boulder, Colorado. We are dedicated to caring for our environment…

Read the Sustainability Policy for Pellman’s Automotive

Whether you’re a new or returning customer we’d like to take the opportunity to service your vehicle. If you have any questions, feel free to call the shop or simply request an appointment online