Fuel Injection Repair in Boulder, CO

Importance of Fuel Injection Repair

Gone are days of the carburetor. Most engines are now equipped with fuel injectors, which are highly efficient at distributing the essential fuel that engines require to properly function.
In order to properly supply the engine with an accurate ratio of gas, fuel injectors rely on various parts and sensors. If any of these malfunction, it can cause problems such as engine response, engine no-starts, rough idling, and decreased fuel efficiency. If you experience any of those warning signs, you may need fuel injection repair.

Fuel Injection Repair at Pellman’s Automotive Service

Fuel injection malfunctions can be caused by a number of things. Using the proper diagnostic equipment and tools, our ASE certified technicians perform comprehensive inspections and repairs of:

  • Fuel injectors (Multi-point fuel injection, sequential multi-port fuel injection)
  • Fuel injection system (fuel pump, throttle valve, ECU, intake valves, fuel rail, mass airflow sensor, oxygen sensor)

Our inspection process allows us to pinpoint the exact problem(s), so we can perform the correct fuel injection repair, using high-quality manufacturer-specific parts.
By bringing your car to Pellman’s Automotive Service, you will receive the best customer service and quality fuel injection repair within your budget, so your car will last longer.
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