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ExpressToll transponder, switchable transponder, EZPass. Yes, it’s confusing! Here’s what you need to know:
ExpressToll transponders and switchable transponders are money saving options for using Express lanes along the Front Range and I-70 corridor. Drivers with either of these transponders have an account with ExpressToll  and receive a discounted rate. Drivers without transponders are billed at a higher rate through License Plate Toll. ExpressToll passes only work in the State of Colorado. Travelers from out-of-state can use the express lanes and are billed via License Plate Toll.
Formerly there was a separate tolling system for users of E470 called EZPass. Fortunately ExpressToll now interoperates with all Colorado tolling facilities so you only need an ExpressToll pass to use all toll roads in Colorado.
What’s an HOV Switchable Transponder and why would I want one?


A HOV switchable transponder in HOV mode.

The Switchable HOV Transponder is the only pass that lets you use the carpool/HOV option (3 or more people) and drive in the express lanes for free. There is a flat fee of $15.00 to receive a switchable HOV transponder. Drivers living and driving along the ExpressToll lane corridors may seriously want to consider getting at least one switchable HOV transponder.
You must use the transponder properly by flipping the switch to HOV in order to get the free rate. If you are using the express lane as a solo driver you must remember to switch back to TOLL or you may receive a ticket (violation costs $250.00.)
If you know you will never use an express lane for HOV you don’t need a switchable transponder.
Contact ExpressToll for more information and to sign up to receive an HOV transponder.