Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Boulder, CO

Check Engine Light Auto Diagnostic in Boulder, CO

Your Source for Expert Check Engine Light Auto Diagnostics

Is your engine running rough?
Has your Check Engine light come on?
Do you notice an increase in your fuel consumption?
Do you worry about your car’s reliability?
Are other indicator lights illuminated on your dash?
If you’ve encountered poor performance with your vehicle, there’s a good chance your Check Engine light has come on. It’s an indicator that a concern, serious or minor, needs your attention before expensive repairs or inconvenient breakdowns occur. Check Engine light diagnostic testing by an ASE Certified technician is necessary to accurately identify the root cause of these issues.
In Boulder, CO, your trusted source for precise Check Engine light auto diagnostics is Pellman’s Automotive Service. We stand on the cutting edge of auto repairs, diagnosis and service, providing expert Check Engine light auto diagnostics on a wide range of makes. We understand your time is precious, and as we seek to break new ground in the auto care industry, our team is dedicated to making your visit as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Check Engine Light Auto Diagnostics by Certified Technicians

Your vehicle utilizes dozens of sensors, from the emissions system and powertrain, to the cooling system and accessory functions. You need the knowledge and experience of our professional ASE Certified technicians, who will efficiently diagnose matters in any of these areas.
At Pellman’s Automotive Service, we understand the ever-changing automotive industry and therefore stay on top of all new technology and procedures. With training across all types of vehicles, along with the computerized equipment to perform accurate diagnostic testing, we will pinpoint and correct any malfunction with our thorough Check Engine light auto diagnostics.

A Few Perks of Pellman’s Automotive Service

BBB A+ Rating
ASE Certified Technicians
High-Quality Aftermarket Parts
Nationwide Warranty
Free Local Shuttle
Friendly, Professional Customer Service
Come to Pellman’s Automotive Service in Boulder, CO for the best in Check Engine light auto diagnostic services. Let us earn your trust while minimizing your inconvenience.