Car Care Clinics

The experts at Pellman’s Automotive are hosting a free Car Care Clinic in Boulder, and you’re invited! Come join owners Brad and Lisa Pellman and General Manager Dan Levin to learn a little about cars and car repair. Some of the many topics you’ll learn about include:

  • Tires, fluids, oil changes, and wiper blades.
  • How to jump-start a car.
  • Maintaining your car so you can save money while prolonging the life of your automobile.

The Pellman’s experts will host you in a comfortable, informal setting where you’ll be able to see a car on the lift and ask any questions you have about cars and car repair.
Use the form below to sign up for a clinic. None are currently scheduled, however if you sign up, we will let you know when we do add our next clinic to the calendar. If you are a member of a club or group (Book Club, Professional Groups, Girl or Boy Scouts, etc.) contact us to schedule a private clinic for your group.
Please register for a Car Care Clinic no later than the day before the clinic so we can determine an accurate attendance count.