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cabin filters, boulder coCabin Filters – Recommended every 15,000 miles
Today, about 80 percent of all new import and domestic vehicles have a cabin air filter. It’s important to change your cabin air filter regularly so that it can do its job efficiently. A clogged filter can cause your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating system to overwork as it tries to circulate air through the dirty filter.
Cabin air filters are designed to keep the air in the vehicle clean and odor-free. The filter can trap pollen, dust, smoke, gaseous odors and other pollutants that would otherwise enter the vehicle through the outside vents. Cabin filters remove nearly 100 percent of air-borne particles and can dramatically improve the quality of air entering the passenger compartment.
Cabin air filters also prevent foreign objects like leaves, small animals, moisture and other debris from entering the heater and AC system. This will in turn provide a bit of insurance from objects entering into the heater compartment and jamming controls and switches. Keeping moisture out of the heater system will also help reduce the growth of mold and other microbes on the A/C evaporator.