Auto Tune Up Service in Boulder, CO

Importance of Automotive Routine Maintenance

There are many moving parts in your car that age and wear as you drive. A tune up is a form of preventive maintenance, where inspections are performed and parts are replaced, to help your car operate at peak performance.
Since there are few parts that can actually be “Tuned-Up” in today’s vehicles, what used to be considered a tune-up, is often now called Scheduled Maintenance or Factory Recommended Maintenance.
If you drive your car often, making an investment in annual tune-ups can save on costly repairs down the road.

Quality Tune-Ups in Boulder

When you have a tune-up service performed at Pellman’s Automotive Service, our ASE certified technicians will make sure that your car, truck, van, or SUV is perfectly in tune.
We perform tune-up services to all makes and models. The make, model, and age of your vehicle determines exactly what is included in the tune-up service. In general, our tune-up service includes:

  • Comprehensive check of engine, electrical system, and safety inspection (followed by detailed explanations and recommendations)
  • Review your factory required maintenance schedule to see which parts need to be replaced based on mileage to maintain your factory warranty
  • Perform necessary adjustments
  • Replace worn, broken, or missing engine and electrical components (with consent from owner)

By bringing your car to Pellman’s Automotive Service, you will receive the best customer service and quality tune-up service within your budget, so your car will last longer.
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