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One great phone charger
The Aukey phone charger has 2 ports, fits flush into the cigarette lighter slot and will charge two phones at full speed simultaneously.
Subscriptions services for music, live sports play-by-plays, podcasts, news and audiobooks
Music lovers will love listening to custom playlists with a subscription to Spotify Premium. ($10/mo.)


If you prefer to listen to news, audiobooks and podcasts or want to hear the play-by-play of your favorite sports teams consider TuneIn. ($10/mo.)


Finding the right smart phone mount that fits your car is a challenge. We discourage using mounts that attach to air vents and CD players as we’ve found the extra weight can break the vents.

Brad’s favorite cell phone mount is the Magnetic Cellphone Holder Kit by Wuteku.Magnetic cellphone holder

 For Pets

The Amazon basics hammock seat cover for pets keeps your best friend safely in the back seat while protecting your car from hair, mud, dirt and other doggie delights.


Keep It Clean

In the clean up department, here’s a new product from WD40, WD40 Specialist Industrial Strength Degreaser. This is the product you need for the gear head who leaves grease marks on your garage floor and driveway.


For the car lover who wants a beautiful, hand-wax finish for their car. This complete set from Mother’s includes polish, micro-glaze to fill in imperfections and add luster to the paint finish, and carnauba wax for shine and protection.


Improve Your View

The Sonilove Baby Car Mirror lets you keep an eye on your baby/child/pet without having to turn your head off the road.

baby car mirror

Ampper Blind Spot mirrors, are small, adjustable mirrors that attach to your side view mirrors to greatly expand your view in the blind spot.


Keep Safe

ROAV Dash Cam C-1 is an affordable dash cam with good ratings. It has a night time mode, wide 4-lane view and an emergency feature that activates the cam if your car is bumped or moved, even when you aren’t in it.