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Welcome to the Pellman’s 2016 gifts for cars guide. We’ve found some wonderful, new useful items at a variety of price points. Let’s get shopping!

Night time driving glasses cut glare from oncoming headlights, improve visibility and ease eye strain. They are also good for driving on gray, snowy days.

Nightime Driving Glasses

Duduma Night Vision Polarized Sunglasses $19.99

Ever struggled at the gas station to fill your tires using a small, hard-to-read tire gauge? The P. I. Auto Store Premium Inflator lets you fill your tires at home. It’s programmable so all you have to do is enter the tire pressure you want, attach the nozzle to your tire and press the on button. Providing up to 150 PSI of pressure use it for RVs, motorcycles, trucks, ATMs, as well as bikes and sports equipment.


P.I. Auto Store Premium Inflator $49.97

Frustrated by the blind spots caused by today’s smaller car windows? The Allview Rearview Mirror offers an almost seamless full view of traffic behind you, to the left, right and center without turning your head.


Allview Rearview Mirror $39.95

Facebook friend and longtime customer, Deborah, recommends the Frost Guard for keeping snow and ice off your windshield. Easy to put on, the frost guard comes in a variety of patterns, solid colors and also has a special NFL line. An excellent gift idea for anyone you know who has to park outside for extended lengths of time.


Frost Guard (Snowflake and Broncos patterns) $19.99-$29.99


For that special person who has everything, the Ember Temperature Control Mug, is a chargeable, app controlled, mug that holds the temperature of your hot beverage steady at your preferred temperature.

Ember copy

The Ember Temperature Control Mug, $149.95 (also sold at Starbucks)

Ever had your phone drop down that narrow gap between your car seat and the center console? The Drop Stop is here to save the day. An inexpensive solution to an irritating problem.

The Drop Stop, $9.98 at WalMart

The Drop Stop, $9.98 at WalMart

Trouble with leg pain, sciatica, or numbness while driving? The WonderGel Seat Cushion relieves hot spots and makes driving more comfortable.

WonderGel seat cushion relieves pressure points. $49.99

WonderGel seat cushion relieves pressure points. $49.99

Keep your car registration, insurance records, maps, documents, rewards cards, pressure gauge and more in this efficient glove box organizer. Great stocking stuffer.

Premier Glove Box Organizer $9.99

Premier Glove Box Organizer $9.99

Keep your small dog (under 30 pounds) safe in the car while letting it see out the window!

For dogs under 30 lbs, a car booster seat and seat belt. $69.99

For dogs under 30 lbs, a car booster seat and seat belt. $69.99 at Petco

The latest in collision avoidance technology is the Mobileye. Particularly useful for older cars without all the bells and whistles of cars with current technology, Mobileye acts as a third eye, alerting drivers to cyclists, pedestrians, potential forward collisions, and warning drivers who are drifting into other lanes.

MobilEye Collision Avoidance Artificial Vision $849.00

MobilEye Collision Avoidance Artificial Vision $849.00