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How To Use Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft are two popular alternatives to taxi service (called ridesharing) in the Denver Metro area. If you haven’t used an app-based car service like this before you probably have questions – we know we did.
How Do They Work?
Here’s a short video on how Uber works:

And here’s how to use Lyft:

What About Safety?
Both Uber and Lyft screen their drivers, including a driving and criminal history check. The companies have standards for each vehicle level (learn more: Uber, Lyft.) Basic Uber service, called UberX, requires a model 2000 or newer. Lyft requires a 2003 model or newer for their basic service.
It is important to note that it’s against Lyft and Uber’s policy to allow rides to minors without the account holder or another adult who is 18 or over in the vehicle with them.  While some drivers do sometimes give rides to minors, they do so at risk of being deactivated.
A useful and unique part of both Uber and Lyft is that passengers get to rate their drivers (and drivers rate their passengers.) Whenever you open your app to get a ride you can see what drivers are available in your area and see how other passengers have rated the driver. Both companies will deactivate drivers with poor ratings.
Confused About Which Service to Use?
Here’s a nifty infographic comparing the two services:


Source: (Double click on image to enlarge)

Some useful ways to use these services beyond the obvious:

  1. Use ridesharing to extend your public transportation options by picking you up and bridging the gap between where public transportation ends and your destination.
  2. Impress a date. Use Uber Black or Uber Lux.
  3. To retrieve a lost or forgotten item. Left your phone at home? As long as there is someone there to give it to the driver you can have your phone driven to your location. (This applies to other items, too.)
  4. Need to get to the airport after a busy day of work? Arrange for an Uber driver to put your luggage in their trunk before you head to work and then to pick you up when it’s time to head to the airport.
  5. Have a friend that had too much to drink? Send them home with ridesharing.

New Users Get A Discount

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