Battery Replacement in Boulder, CO

Battery Repair in Boulder, CO

Importance of Battery Repair
The battery is an integral component of the electrical system that provides the required electrical currents to power your vehicle’s starter and electrical components. It is especially important during the winter months in Boulder to have a properly operating battery, when your heater and lights are essential for a safe drive to your destination.
Don’t get stranded. Should you notice the battery warning light is constantly on and/or flickering of your interior lights and headlights, or your battery is a few years old, be sure to contact us or stop by.
Battery Repairs and Replacements at Pellman’s Automotive Service
We always begin with detailed inspection and testing of your battery’s internal and external condition, as well as components of the electrical system. By using advanced diagnostic equipment, our Technicians will pinpoint the exact causes of issues, prior to recommending the best course of action. Perhaps your battery still has life or requires replacement. Either case, you will receive an honest assessment.
Helping you Select the Proper Battery
Because of the importance of the correct battery type, our knowledgeable Technicians will help you select the right battery for your vehicle. Best of all, our batteries come with an 18-month free replacement warranty.
In keeping with our strict environmental standards, we properly recycle your used batteries.
Pellman’s Automotive Service has been the go-to Boulder repair shop for quality and dependable battery service.
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