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Our annual guide to great gifts for cars. Enjoy! (Find more ideas in our 2014 Gifts For Cars,  2016 Gifts For Cars  and 2017 Gifts For Cars guides.)
2014 Gifts for Cars, Boulder CO
In our 2014 Gifts For Cars list we told you about a new alternative to chains, the Auto-Sock. We’re including it in our 2015 guide because the State of Colorado made several changes to the chain law and approved the Auto-Sock as a replacement for chains. The Auto-Sock costs less, weighs less and is much easier to install. A super useful gift for those heading to the high country in winter.
The Antigravity Battery XP-10 is a powerful battery charger/jump starter. The rechargeable power pack also features USB ports, a flashlight,  includes jumper cables, and a universal cable for charging various electronic devices. This is a convenient tool to have, particularly if you can’t find someone to give you a jump. (Learn more about car batteries here.)
The average car is 10 years old so this nifty, affordable, Jabra DRIVE Bluetooth Car Speaker Phone might be just the ticket. Inexpensive and easy to set up, it makes for hands free conversations while driving.
This simple phone charger plugs into the battery outlet in your car. At $6.99, a perfect stocking stuffer.
Another stocking stuffer idea, de-icer windshield spray, $6.16 at Amazon.

Leaves, snow, ice, mud. It’s the time of year when anything that sticks to your shoes collects on the floor of your car. Weather Tech makes custom floor mats with channels to draw water, road salt, mud, sand and all other sorts of nasties away from your feet and off the carpet. Quick to install, remove and clean.
snow broom
We are big fans of snow brooms. For SUVs and trucks try the Subzero 51″ retractable broom/scraper.  For regular size cars we like the Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom.
This year we replaced the stereo receivers in two of our older cars to Bluetooth capable stereos and are very happy with the results.We recommend going to a stereo specialty shop as they can give you the best advice on what stereos will fit in your car. We like Car Toys. If you time it right, you might even get your stereo installed free with purchase.
Lisa’s brother, Gary, discovered a nonslip cell phone mount he uses in his car. It includes two pieces, a bean bag and a cell phone cradle adaptor to hold your phone upright. A smart option for people who struggle with their phone flying around the dashboard.